Shadows of the world

‘And moving thro’ a mirror clear
That hangs before her all the year,
Shadows of the world appear…’ – The Lady of Shallot by Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Lady of Shallot a poem by Lord Tennyson fits perfectly here, and relates the tale of the Lady Shallot who is cursed to watch the world pass by only through reflections in the mirror. It’s perhaps indicative of writers and bloggers the world over who reflect their experiences outwards, seeing the world and interpreting it in their own unique manner.

The Lady Shallot is indeed cursed when she glimpses outside at the ‘real’ world, and by the time she floats down to Camelot, she is dead,  I’m fairly new to blogging, and when I started this blog a mere three days ago, I wrote as a means of exorcising some demons, the mirror had crack’d and I sought to reflect it’s fickle, unfair nature in my inital blog posts. My choice of theme was what seemed at the time an almost random choice, but upon ‘reflection’ I see that choosing a chalkboard was a matter of chalking up my bitter experiences, a way to show and tell, standing up in class and letting everyone know exactly what I’d done that summer.

My blog name, ‘notsinglenothappy’ is exactly what it says, no frills on that one. But I think it shows what a difference a day makes,  I was in a very dark place only three days ago, and I may not have left that place but I’m getting better, there are chinks of light reflecting from the broken pieces of mirror on the floor.

Reflections ripple outwards, they touch not only our senses but all who glimpse sideways at them, when what see of the world affects us we reflect that in our blogs, our poetry, in our pictures, in the threads that we weave both metaphorically and physically. I have read and seen many lives refelcted in writer’s blogs, glimpes that are sorrowful, funny, pitying, loving or joyful…all of them are reflections of unique perspectives on a world of shadows that can have many faces, plagued by light and dark.

Daily Promt: Mirror, Mirror on the wall:

9 thoughts on “Shadows of the world

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