Desk Jockey junk…


‘I bring to my life a certain amount of mess…’ Francis Ford Coppola

Junk. Well, there’s a daily prompt that’s perfectly apt. My workstation is a mess, and I mean a mess. I’ve never been in the habit of being neat and orderly, my table is overflowing with books, notes, letters, leaflets…pieces of paper that really are junk. Things I should have thrown away months ago. But I’ve never been good at letting go, there’s an insane paranoia that persists…telling me that I shouldn’t throw away that leaflet offering a ‘massive reduction on eye-catching, fully laminated’ business cards, because you never know, one day I may have a need for 500+ business cards that proudly proclaim my neurotic tendencies in all their eye-catching, fully laminated beauty.

The mess and junk on my table tends to reflect the disorder in my mind. I live in, am perpetually plagued by the mess in my head, constant, perpetual paranoia of the clutter, the mess of my years on this planet so far. But that’s just who I am, I’ve tried to neaten it up, to compartmentalise things, to file things away in neat little boxes…but that never works, thoughts intrude, more ‘leaflets’ arrive, things get lost, swept away in the undertow only to reemerge, bobbing to the surface in all their abject, useless, ‘wrong time wrong place’ glory.

Until that is I have had enough, then all the junk gets swept into a rubbish bin, metaphorically and physically, and I’ll return to a neat, tidy table once more, enjoying the slate wiped clean. At least for a little while…

Now excuse me whilst I go back to my filing, *cough* I think there’s a spare piece of carpet not yet covered by books or papers 😉 

p.s I’m working on changing the wallpaper too.


Written for the Daily Prompt: Junk

8 thoughts on “Desk Jockey junk…

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