Thank you Mr Bear…

‘Time spent with cats is never wasted’ Sigmund Freud

Ladies and gentleman I’d like to thank you for this award,

but frankly, I find it hard to believe…

I’ve won?! But I never win anything…

Well nothing that matters, no, that snazzy pen,

I won that when I was ten, best essay they said.

They say a lot of things, white noise most of the time.

I’m going to cut this speech short, only fools talk too much,

Natter and empty chatter, empty brains, that’s not me

I’ll never set out to make your ears bleed.

So, in short, thanks Mr Bear, you’ve taught me much,

How to live for the day, to purr for food, get into a scrap and win,

and such. Victory never tasted so sweet as a half eaten cat ear.

Rock on. Down with marzipan. Peace out.

*cue lone hand clap at the weirdest Oscar speech ever, I blame the Valium and sparkling white grape juice*

Written for Daily Prompt-