The recluse…

‘Oh yeah they call me ‘The Recluse’
‘Cause I don’t go outside for nothin’, no one
Is gonna make me leave this room
Oh no they can’t tell me nothin’, no way

You see I’m being a fool
Yes so I don’t care about being cool
What’s it to you?
If I just stay here in this hole that I boarded into…’ Plan B- The Recluse

Why don’t you leave me alone…? I’m not harming anyone…

Not true, however much I’ve tried denying it, people need people. Social interaction is part of the human makeup. My time away from blogging has not been intentional, a combination of migraines and business, darkness and tiredness…But I’ve missed pouring my feelings out into the world, there’s an enviable catharsis that comes from writing feelings and letting the world read them.

It’s like a weight lifting, a process of sitting up, shoulders relaxing, knots easing….breathing…deep breaths…mulling over words, spell check, making sure the meaning is clear…or at least as clear as I can make it from the mess in my head.

Saying that there’s something infinitely comforting about the darkness, being alone with your thoughts, stewing…staring at the ceiling…